This is a poem I wrote for one of my most excellent friends about our time together living in Madrid. Only a handful of people are going to have any idea what I’m talking about here, everyone else can bask in the glory of my rhyming abilities.

Lost in the swirling lazor light

Sepparation of body and head

Twist until the morning light

Jim Brickman, blanket world, bed.

I have 3 exams next week

Perhaps I’m very screwed

But I can’t pass up a taco night

That would be very rude.

Whenever I was frowning you knew just what to say

Standing in front of me waiting for the Sunrise Express Bus

Catching my hate rays.

Er homar for patatas bravas

Always hit the spot

Que tranquila las terrazas

Cien montaditos rocks.

Brussels was ridiculous, a wild, crazy mess

So much absinthe, I can’t see!

Chi Chi’s buffet passed the test.

Time to buy some costumes at the corner chino store

“Do I look like a lesbian?”

“Yes. You do. For sure.”

Tingas, Gringas, Conchinitas, Tequila and Sangrita

Put them all together for some happy señoritas. 

Journey down the circular towards the center of the earth

Wish we’d just walked up to cuatro

A euro down for all self worth

Flying up to McDonalds for a McPollo and McFlurry

“Hey are you awake? We can make McDonalds breakfast if we hurry.”

Skipping around the streets in Sol

Where to next? We both would shrug

Even though we always knew the answer would be DUBS.

Coming home in perfect time to steal absurd amounts of baguettes

Pizza baguettes, lentil soup and pot pie, lest we forget.

Taking a break from heavy bass, we’d sit around and yawn

Then perk back up with energy to lip sync some Celine Dion.

Running around in Kapital

So many floors in which to hide

A zebra running through the African Bush

With my little snail on the side.

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