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Welcome to The Shit Show


If you don’t like crude humor you may be a robot.

If there’s one thing in the World everyone can relate to, it’s poopin y’all. In an attempt to harness the hilarity of the thing everyone does yet we’re not supposed to speak of, I’ve decided to unleash unto the universe, The Shit Show. A place to let it all out.

I’ve been awkwardly jotting down stories as people have shared them over the course of the last few months. Now, one by one I’ll be sharing their quips and tales from the brown side.

Let us begin with a gem from a friend of mine who’s now an Art Director in NYC.

“My buddies and I used to light bags of shit on fire a lot when we were younger, like elementary school, a simpler time. One time this bag just lit up, it was like a ten foot fucking flame. The people opened the door and had to of known it was shit in a bag because they just closed the door and let it die out. There’s no way you could do that now. It would probably be considered an act of terrorism.”

TALK SHIT. Submit your story to The Shit Show! Send your tale to (all stories will remain 100% anonymous)

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