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Top 6 Britney Spears Music Videos to Pump me/you up for a Client Presentation

Let’s get right to it.



“I’m a Slave 4 U” is a classic B. Spears music video. The choreography, the underwear over jeans, the sauna party. It makes me remember all the metaphorical and sometimes literal sweat that goes into the work and makes me feel like I can get it get it, get it get it.



“Oops! …I Did it Again” I made you believe you love these ideas. Oh baby, baby. Also, maybe I should wear a pleather jumpsuit to work? Wait, no. 



“Everytime” is for when I remember that none of this shit matters and everyone hates advertising, but then I remember that if Stephen Dorff can believably land the roll of Britney’s boyfriend in a music video, I can do anything!!!



“Work B**ch” is an anthem. It’s iconic. Please buy my commercial.



“Toxic” reminds me that if Britney Spears can do a back handspring through laser beams, I can sell a friggin’ ad campaign.



“Stronger” is my #1 pump-me-up favorite and personally, I think it’s highly underrated. Britney is a one woman machine, but in this video she shares the screen with a sleek metal chair with a mind of its own that’s essential to her choreography. It reminds me of the importance of teamwork and collaboration to get to the finished product and when in doubt, just crimp your hair and walk dramatically towards camera/into the meeting.

That’s all! Hail Britney!



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Hello Flo Does it Again with “First Moon Party”

Hello Flo follows up “The Camp Gyno” with another hilarious campaign. This time a girl fakes getting her period and then pays the mortifying price, courtesy of Mom.

Also, they say “vagician,’ so they WIN the internet today.

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Inside the Intern Closet: with R. Kelly

It’s a snowy Tuesday out here in Chicago. Welcome to Chapter 1 of -Inside the Intern Closet: with R. Kelly- Reporting live from the intern closet at DDB, SURPRISE!!!! it’s me, Madison.

First things first. Oh man guys, I’m a Copywriter for real! Huge high five to all my fellow Circus clowns. If you’re feeling clicky, check out my portfolio www.goalittlemad.com ! The Creative Circus is the place to be if you want to go into Advertising, hands down, but that post will be coming later.

I’ve been cruisin’ on a razor scooter since ’99 and on the first day of my internship, I saw several people scooting around the office. This made me want to Ron Burgundy my emotions from the mountaintops, or at least try and start a slow clap. I kept my feelings inside though and just brought my scooter in with me the next day. They’ve got some top notch scootin’ floors here at DDB, perfect for some power scoots.

Seeing my name on an office door every day rocks. The intern office is located under a staircase next to a picture of a massive cheeseburger in a closet-like room with no windows (I know, so many things!!) …so my Art Director and fellow Lady Bro, Danae and I did this:


It may be a closet, but it’s our closet. ❤

That’s all for this episode.

Until next time,

-Madison “I’M AN ADUUUUULT” Jackson

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When a Copywriter Works at a Bar…

Things like this happen.

I’ll miss you, Whitehall Tavern Atlanta, but $2.13 an hour can spend eternity listening to people clip their toenails.


Last one has a spelling fail. That chalkboard didn’t have spellcheck.

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Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the balls.

You go, Draft FCB, you go.

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ExFEARiential Advertising//LOL

ExFEARiential Advertising

Spoof on experiential advertising scare tactics via John St. Advertising, Toronto. http://www.johnst.com/

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Georgia Aquarium- Beyond Words

Check out this video for a campaign I worked on for the Georgia Aquarium. I think it’s pretty awesome, maybe you will too.

Art Director: Josh D. Weiss

Copywriters: Madison Jackson & Devin McGillivary

Creative Circus

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The Swing of Things

We are all blessed with many gifts. Things we excel at, things that help us to rise up and succeed in our own fields. In high school, and even during some of college, it’s a level playing field. But once you graduate or leave, that field drops and people rise and fall as they will, moving in the appropriate direction towards success or failure.

Sure, many trials and tribulations face us all along the way, because life would be no fun if everything was easy, but sometimes we have to face unnecessary rejection and unfair politics simply because the people in power make it so.

I haven’t written an angry blog yet, so this is the one… kind of.

I work in advertising, a cutthroat industry that thrives on the understanding of different demographics of consumers and in coming up with concepts and ideas. It’s all about ideas.  I love what I do, but one thing I do not love is undeserved praise, credit or accolade.

Hard work pays off. That is an unquestionable fact. You get out of something what you put into it. Sometimes the first idea that came to mind might end up being the best one, but you have to pick your brain and get other ideas out of you before you can decide for certain which idea is best. Whatever the method to your madness may be, the more ideas the better. Again, that is an unquestionable fact.

An inherent belief of mine is that no matter how good you think you are, or contrary wise, how unsure of yourself you are, that you can always get better. I’m a deep thinker and often pick things apart or try and find a deeper meaning in things that only have face value, but I push myself. I think, think, think and I figure it out, always. When you’re good at something, others will take notice, but what if you’re not good at something, should people push you harder and fill you with a false sense of confidence?

If you’re trying to fit a square into a circle hole and it’s just not working and then suddenly someone comes along and fills your head up with the belief that maybe, just maybe it will… it’s still not going to fucking fit. I understand that we live in a world where people are born privileged, physically and financially, but at some point that playing field has to drop too and the mental aspect takes over. You’re either smart or you’re not, gifted or lacking. Sure, practice makes perfect, but if it’s not meant to be, it’s just not. I wish people would stop pumping in the positive reassurance when it’s undeserving, so the people who actually DO have it can dig some roots in, instead of being perpetually up-rooted by weeds.

As long as you are confident with yourself, the unjustified momentary praise and temporary success of others shouldn’t matter, because everything will work out as it should and you should only ever worry about bettering yourself.

As Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” I guess it’s best to let the Universe work as it will and not to give any extra thought or energy into worrying about things, or people, that in the grand scheme of things, really don’t matter at all.

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