Inside the Intern Closet: with R. Kelly

It’s a snowy Tuesday out here in Chicago. Welcome to Chapter 1 of -Inside the Intern Closet: with R. Kelly- Reporting live from the intern closet at DDB, SURPRISE!!!! it’s me, Madison.

First things first. Oh man guys, I’m a Copywriter for real! Huge high five to all my fellow Circus clowns. If you’re feeling clicky, check out my portfolio ! The Creative Circus is the place to be if you want to go into Advertising, hands down, but that post will be coming later.

I’ve been cruisin’ on a razor scooter since ’99 and on the first day of my internship, I saw several people scooting around the office. This made me want to Ron Burgundy my emotions from the mountaintops, or at least try and start a slow clap. I kept my feelings inside though and just brought my scooter in with me the next day. They’ve got some top notch scootin’ floors here at DDB, perfect for some power scoots.

Seeing my name on an office door every day rocks. The intern office is located under a staircase next to a picture of a massive cheeseburger in a closet-like room with no windows (I know, so many things!!) …so my Art Director and fellow Lady Bro, Danae and I did this:


It may be a closet, but it’s our closet. ❤

That’s all for this episode.

Until next time,

-Madison “I’M AN ADUUUUULT” Jackson

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