Asses to Asses

An obnoxious popular topic of conversation swirling around in computer land, accosting me from magazine covers and burning my ears in face to face lip flap, are the Kardashian Klan. No matter how hard I try, there seems to be no escaping their frozen faces, pregnancy issues, photoshop scandals, diet pill scams, shameful shoe dazzling and marrivorce’s. Their cellulite will probably have it’s own show on E! soon. *SHUDDER* The Kardashian’s are like the ‘The Song That Never Ends’… they’re a higher level of annoying, they make me want to punch someone in the face and they’re extremely difficult to get out of your head.

Someone recently asked me what I would do if the zombie apocalypse happened, and after a brief moment of pondering, the answer was obvious. I would make my way to the Kardashian/Jenner compound, locate the threats to humanity and assuming they’ve all become air headed parts of the living dead, it would be kill time. Who wouldn’t love to impale a zombie Kardashian? Especially, the one who spawned them all… the devil in the collagen flesh… Kris Jenner.

Who’s with me?!

(yes, I made this myself.)

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