Lost and Found

I was just perusing through my notebook and stumbled upon this little nugget of wisdom I wrote in the early morning hours of April 25th. It’s much more serious than most of the things I’ve written about so far, but it is very true and straight from my heart and judging from my handwriting, I was probably not low. :]

April 25, 2012-

Are any of us ever really paying attention or are we all lost in our own heads?

We surround ourselves with people like ourselves, to feel validated and secure.Then, when we grow tired of that specific self, we surround ourselves with those whom which we aspire to be like. We desire a change and then we observe and learn and slowly rise to transform into that person we want to become, gaining and losing friends and lovers along the way. Riding high and falling low, battling our dark side and reveling in it when it shows it’s ugly face, but it is a part of us, just like all the other’s. You can’t always control it, just like you can’t really control anything in life and thus there is no sense in trying too hard. The important thing is finding your balance, physically, mentally and emotionally… and always moving on.

Emotions are beautiful because they mean you are capable of feeling and that you care. So don’t dwell too long on any one thing, just realize the current importance of that situation and try to understand that it is all a part of you and this and here and now… and after you wake you’ll be given another chance to see and learn and experience another day that will never come again. Always keep moving and seeing and feeling and wanting and losing and trying and loving and fighting and wanting more. Go do something, keep perfecting your crafts and continue to breathe. Always care about something, because If you don’t have passion for anything, than you are more than wasting your life, because the sun will continue to rise and fall without you and time is far too precious a thing to take for granted.

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