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Happy Happy Joy Joy


I wrote a previous post about things that make me want to punch people in the face, there are a lot of them and that list continues to grow. But to avoid the assumption that I have anger problems, I wanted to show you all that I am in fact a happy human being and find happiness in a multitude of different things. So, there are plenty of things that make us all happy and here is a lengthy list of my own… not kidding, it’s a long one:

Catching all the green lights.


Crude humor.


When I’m pumping gas and it stops on an exact dollar amount.

Naps. Naps. Naps. Naps. Naps.

Finding a parking place quickly.

That “Jurassic Park” is coming out in 3-D. (!!!!)

Taco Bell.

A glorious view.

Drunken Karaoke.

When I have more than $50 in my bank account.

Drawing inappropriate art work on fogged up windows and/or dirty cars.

Beating people to the punchline.

Screaming bloody murder before the roller coaster has started it’s plunge… I enjoy confusing people.

White cherry ICEE’s at the movies.

Coloring. On paper, people, walls… whatever.

Poking someone in the butt at a crowded bar and then swiftly moving away and making them think it was someone else. Hilarious.

Knowing every word to extremely offensive rap songs.

When I’m losing weight without trying/ when I put on my pants and they’re loose. Best feeling.

When I’m hung over and it’s raining outside.

Boys with beards and plaid shirts. mmmmmm

Chocolate milk/ a bomb ass breakfast.

Yelling inappropriate things during awkward silences.


Getting something right on the first try.

Making concert friends.

Spice Girls Radio on Pandora.


Buffalo Wings.

Pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

Bouncy Castles.

Reminiscing with my friends about all the ridiculous things we’ve done.


Cool/inventive/interesting tattoos. Not chinese symbols or the Tasmanian devil.

Summer lake time.

Swinging on swings.

Finding my favorite pen.

My pre-shot taking rituals. Don’t want to do it? Alright then, enjoy being struck by lightening.

When I find out something awesome that completely blows my mind. Like that you can make grilled cheese in a toaster if you turn the toaster sideways. BOOM.

Dancing ridiculously.

Never having to do math or science or any of that nonsense ever again.


Dill pickles.

Freestyle rapping.

All that music.

Playing piano.

The ocean.

Playing corn hole.

When I find something that I thought I had I lost forever.

Reuniting with friends.

Funny videos and pictures on the internet machine.

Blanket world.

When I open my refrigerator and there’s food in it.

Harry Potter marathons.

When my cat lies around on his back because he’s so fat.

90’s Nickelodeon, but that’s another conversation entirely.

Not having a roommate so I’m free to do things like walk around naked in my apartment for extended periods of time.

When I get good grades on things that I did at the very last minute.

My bed.

Live music and Festivals. It’s always a happy time being around people just like you.

Arts and crafts time… It knows no age.

When my grandma brings me awesome things that I didn’t ask for. Like, flip video cameras and George Foreman grills. I love you grandma.


Good belly laughs.

Disney/Pixar movies.

Epic handshakes. Not the typical hello nice to meet you ones, but the kind you make up with a friend, simple or complicated… it’s your choice.

There we go, just to name a ton. Don’t worry be happy people!

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