WTF?! Wednesdays: “Straight From The Horse’s Mouth


Well well well. I bet you thought I forgot about this little weekly whatever and you were right! Well mostly.

I’ve been jotting down WTF’s in my phone for like a year and a half and have just been too busy (lazy) to write a post. So now I have plenty to choose from and a lot of time to make up for, so here we go. Back from the dead, it’s WTF?! Wednesdays! (woo!)

Phrase: “Straight From The Horse’s Mouth”

WTF does that even mean: From a reliable source, on the best authority.

Where Did That Come From: “In horse racing circles, tips on which horse is a likely winner circulate amongst punters (betters?). The most trusted authorities are considered to be those in closest touch with the recent form of the horse, that is, stable lads, trainers etc. The notional ‘from the horse’s mouth’ is supposed to indicate one step better than even the inner circle, that is, the horse itself. A 20th century phrase.”

My Take: Okay, I don’t know what they were smoking in 1913, but like, horses can’t talk tho.

I hear this phrase every Now And Then (love that movie). Sometimes it even comes out of my own mouth (not true) even though I am not a horse (true). Usually I say this to try and convince whoever I’m talking to that whatever I’m saying is in fact true, which isn’t hard because I’m always right. *shakes head no* You say this so that you sound like you know what you’re talking about. So you sound like you’ve got all the hot gossip because you “keep in touch with people” and “have so many friends” even though you get all of your information from Facebook because for the most part, you hate everyone. Isn’t social media fun!?

For example:

ME: “OH MY GAWD, did you hear Kaitlin got engaged?”

NOT ME: “No way, really? But I thought he cheated on her.”

ME: “Yeah, but she said they worked it out. I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.”

NOT ME: Oh, cool.

So profound. So basic.

That’s really all there is to it. If you’re gonna talk about people behind their backs make sure you’ve got your facts straight before you drop a “straight from the horse’s mouth.” Don’t embarrass me.

Okay, cool. See you next time!

And I found the origin info here, so it must be true. 

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