Stories From The Suburbs.

This is a story about what it was like during a typical day growing up in the suburbs to the tune of “Unforgivable.” Because it’s hard out there in the burbs.

Wake up in the morning and don’t want to get out of my queen size bed. 5 more minutes. Try and decide what color Abercrombie sweatshirt I should wear today. THESE THINGS TAKE TIME. Before I go to school my Mom makes me an egg sandwich and SOMETIMES she makes me cinnamon toast when I ASK for it. I get in my Jeep Liberty that my parents bought FOR me, back out of the three garage and drive 10 minutes to school, over the speed limit, with NO SEATBELT ON! Everything is fine until I get stuck behind a bus. NOW I’m late! My crush is driving in front of me, but the crossing guard lady doesn’t let me through! She’s  messing up my game, so I shoot her a DIRTY look.

I didn’t do my homework so I get a muffin from the cafeteria and I go take a nap in the nurse’s office and pretend I have cramps so she’ll write me a note excusing me from class. Always gotta cheat the system. I even held my salad up slightly off the scale when I went to pay during lunch so my salad was CHEAP. And now I have money to buy as many energy drinks and as much candy as I WANT. Yee.

After school I go directly to dance team practice and finish choreographing our half time routine for next weeks game. Three words: BACKHANDSPRINGS, SPLITS, KELIS.

After that I went to piano lessons and played Fur Elise. PERFECTLY. I’m gonna KILL it at my recital.

Then I met my best friends at Panera so we could study and eat pastries and GOSSIP. No one can believe that girl repeated her outfit TWICE in two weeks. So sad to see people hit rock bottom.

Went home and laid on the couch. 400 Channels and NOTHINGS ON, not even on HBO. Dad got home from work at like 6:30 and gave me a HUG. Moms was already cooking dinner. SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS. I tell them to let me know when it’s ready!! Then I go outside and jump on the trampoline and do mad flips even though my dad tells me NOT to. YOU CAN’T STOP ME!!!

Dinner is served.

The family sits around the table. I tell my sister I like her outfit and she tells me I can borrow it! Then we all ask each other about our days and watch Entertainment Tonight followed by Hollywood Squares. DAMN Whoopi is killin’ it AGAIN tonight in that center square! Mom reminds me that the cleaning lady is coming in the morning so I need to straighten up my room. I roll my eyes and then throw everything in my closet. Why do I have to clean before someone else is coming to clean??? …NOT cool.

Then I start a group chat with my crew on AIM and we make a game plan for the night. I set some Dashboard Confessional lyrics as my away message and I head out. I pull up in the center of town and meet up with my friends. Everybody’s parents are home so we get someone’s older brother to buy us beer and we drink it in my friend’s tree house until his parents go to bed. Then we sneak in the back sliding door and play VIDEO GAMES. TILL 4AM! And we watch movies that we’re not supposed to watch so we sink up the Nintendo-64 to switch it quick in case Moms came down. IT WAS STRESSFUL. And in then the middle of the night I wake up and go into the kitchen and eat some leftover American Chop Suey my friends mom had made for dinner and drink some juice cocktail FROM THE CARTON. Then I put on some American Eagle pajamas and I go to SLEEP.

Because tomorrow…I gotta do it all again.

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